12 Moments In Your Relationship That Make You Realize The Power Of Love

This is spot on…

Thought Catalog

1. That moment when you have a make or break kind of fight and, instead of breaking, the relationship strengthens and things change and you both change in ways you never thought possible. And, all of a sudden, you’re standing in the middle of the relationship you’d always hoped it would be, all because you took the risk to stay instead of the easy answer to leave.

2. That moment you say the thing that’s on your heart that you have been crazy afraid to say and they just look at you in the most heartbreakingly beautiful way, like, “why was this a big deal to tell me?”

3. That moment you’re so ill that you can hardly move and, just by virtue of being close to them, you feel yourself getting better. And they run out to get you your favorite soup and they kiss you even though you’re…

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