Review- Adovia Sulfur Soap

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As I’ve stated before, my skin has been pretty “bad” lately. It’s fussy. It has a mind of its own. I really think that it’s a combination of hormones and stress. Ugh. I’m in my late 20’s! I feel like I shouldn’t have to deal with acne. Amirite? I will try just about anything to combat this. I was given the opportunity to review a sulfur soap by Adovia.

I’ve tried products that had sulfur in them before and liked the results I had. Mainly, I used drying lotions; the stuff that is usually pink and has the liquid at the top, that you can’t shake up. You use a q-tip and carefully get some of the sulfur goodness on it and place it on your blemish. This stuff can be messy though. Sulfur is known to have antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Adovia’s website, “Adovia Skin Care” , has this listed about the product:

“Adovia natural sulfur soap is highly enriched with minerals curated from the Dead Sea. The sulfur soap however, when used on a gradually increasing level, does not cause dry skin as it is infused with lush Olive Oil and aloe vera, as well as sought-after Dead Sea minerals. Softly yet thoroughly cleansing skin with 3 percent sulfur content old skin cells are removed and pores are unclogged. Harmful impurities and oils can embed themselves into the deepest levels of our epidermis and this is one of the best sulfur soaps on the market to target and dissolve them. To help keep skin supple and hydrated, Adovia Sulfur Soap is also packed with Palm and Palm Kernal Oil as well the already mentioned Olive oil and Aloe Vera. That said, it is still recommended to start using this soap slowly so your skin can adjust to the healing sulfur that is not in more common soap products.”

 IMG_0914                            IMG_0915

This soap is recommended for people with acne prone, oily skin. Perfect! Exactly what I have. When I received the soap, it looked like any other bar of soap. I typically shy away from using products that are called “soaps” on my face because of all the negative connections with it. However, I was very excited to try this! When I get soaps to use on my body, I typically cut off a chunk of it, so that I don’t have the full bar in the shower. When I tried to do that with this bar, it was very crumbly and didn’t stay intact, so don’t try to do that! The soap is a yellowish color. It does not have any smell to it. I only use this product in the shower, but I don’t recommend storing the bar in the shower if you can avoid it. If you must store it in the shower, I’d definitely get a soap holder for it and make sure that it is not in the direct line of water, as it will make your bar of soap dissolve pretty fast.

When I go to use this soap, I just use it in the shower. (Personal preference) I use a muslin cloth and wrap the soap in it and get a good lather going. I will then gently rub the lather on my face. Sometimes, I will use my Clarisonic on my face after I get the soap on it. Let me tell you, this soap leaves my face feeling squeaky clean, no matter if I use the muslin cloth or my Clarisonic. Seriously, squeaky clean. My face feels so fresh after I use this soap. There is no typical soap residue. It is amazing! My face has definitely started to clear up a bit since I’ve started to use this soap. If I’m not at home, and I don’t use this product, I can definitely tell the next day. My skin will feel icky and gross. This soap has changed the way I think about soaps! It is definitely a product that I will continue to use.

If you are interested in trying this soap, which I totally recommend, you can purchase it here: Sulfur Soap with Dead Sea Salt for Face & Body – 100% Natural & Fragrance Free – with Sulfur, Dead Sea Salt and Minerals – All Natural Sulphur Facial Cleanser for Oily & Acne Prone Skin – Not Too Harsh or Overly Drying – No Harmful or Irritating Chemicals – 100% Pure – Satisfaction Guaranteed
This stuff will last you a long time if you store it properly.  I can’t imagine going with out this soap now. Definitely check it out!

Have you tried a sulfur soap before? Or any other sulfur products? What did you think about them? What were your results?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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2 thoughts on “Review- Adovia Sulfur Soap

  1. Thanks for the review! I definitely have oily, acne prone skin and have been tirelessly trying to find something that can help!

    • Hi Elyse! Thanks for reading my review. I am in the same boat as you! I’ve been trying so many different products to try to tame the beast. I really do love this sulfur soap and plan on using it for a long time! If you try it out, you’ll have to let me know your results!

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