My Precious Dog- Charlie

Today, October 27th, 2014 marks one year that my dear dog, Charlie has been living with me. She is a total sweet heart. Here is our story.

Last October, I was looking around on Facebook. A friend of mine routinely shares pictures of dogs that are at our local animal shelter. One day, she shared a picture of a beagle named “Carmel”.  I saw the picture of this dog and instantly fell in love with her. I look a picture of my computer screen and sent it to the boyfriend. I told him that I wanted her. He totally agreed that I needed to have her. He had recently gotten a border collie, Jack, a few months earlier. Here was my dilemma. I was (and still am) living with my parents. We have a family dog, Bo, a Pomeranian, who is old and grouchy. He is 16 years old! We also have a cat, Dooney. Bo doesn’t always get along with people or animals. My parents had always said that they wouldn’t get any more pets. I didn’t know what to do! I hadn’t even met this dog yet, but I knew she had to be mine.

This is where I started being sneaky. “Carmel” was on our local animal shelter page, so I thought I’d go to the shelter to see her one day before I went to work. I get to the animal shelter, bright and early, and ask about her. Come to find out, she was being fostered. It just so happened that I knew that girl who was fostering her! I hop on Facebook and message her immediately. We set up a time for me to come over and meet “Carmel”. It was an instant connection! She was by my side the whole time I was there. I didn’t want to leave her, but I knew she was in good hands. At this point, I totally knew that I needed to have this dog in my life. I was going to be going out of town for a wedding that weekend. I had to figure something out! I talked to my boyfriend about what I should do. Should I just bring her home? Should I talk to my parents about it? I didn’t know what to do! I finally decided that it would be a BAD idea to just bring her home. I knew that I had to talk to my parents about it, but how? I am not good with words, especially when I’m nervous. I decided to write my parents a letter, explaining the situation and why I needed to have her. The letter ended up being 4 to 5 pages long. I explained that  I saw her, and knew she was what I needed in my life. I explained that I knew that she would make me a better person; more responsible and more active. I also explained that I understood that our home was Bo’s home and that if the new dog didn’t get along with Bo, I would not question if I could get her or not. I was so nervous to give them this letter. I gave it to them before I left for the wedding. This would give them a day or two to think about it. The whole time I was away for the wedding, all I could think about was this dog. When I got home Sunday afternoon, it was time for me to ask what they had decided. To my relief, they said that I could go get her and bring her to the house and see how she did. They also said that if I did get her, I had to make sure that when I move, I take her with me, as she would be my dog. This was acceptable to me.

I went and got “Carmel” from her foster home and brought her to my home. She was nervous, as is expected. She had been in a home, given to someone else “to watch for a month” and her original owner never came back to get her.  The person who had her was moving and couldn’t keep her or her sister. She was then taken to the shelter. She was lucky enough to get a foster home and now I was bringing her into yet another new environment. When I brought her to my home, she was by my side the whole time. We had such a strong connection. She did great with Bo and Dooney. My parents said that I could get her! I was so excited. I called her foster mom and she said that I could just keep her and I could fill out the paper work  with in the next few days. I was over the moon! I live in a small town, so I went to our Wal-Mart and got some essential puppy things. She was around 10 months old at the time. This is when the fun started!

I had her sleep with me that first night because I wanted her to know that she was safe and loved. I was so anxious the whole night. I thought that I would roll onto her. Every time she moved, I was on alert. At this point in time, she really wasn’t on a schedule. We would get up many times during the night to go outside. I am NOT a morning person, and my sleep is important to me, but I never once was upset when I had to take her out at 3am, in the pouring rain. I knew that we were growing our relationship and bond. I have not once regretted getting her. The first time that I had to leave her, and she was at home alone, I cried the whole way to work (a 30 mile drive). I would leave music on for her so that she didn’t have to be in a quiet house all day. She is spoiled, to say the least.

My parents ADORE Charlie. My Mom frequently says that Charlie is going to stay with her when I move out. (That won’t happen!) Charlie is the most lovable dog. She loves to cuddle, sit on your lap, and loves getting rubs. She always knows when I’m not feeling well or when I’m upset. She will give me extra lovings then. She is such a great dog. I can’t imagine my life with out her. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, look at your local shelter first. There are so many great animals that need good homes. I rescued Charlie from the shelter, but she really is the one who rescued me. Here’s to many more years with my amazing pup! I love you Charlie!

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2 thoughts on “My Precious Dog- Charlie

  1. What a great story! I’m so happy for you and Charlie. She’s adorable.
    We adopted Chloe, our beagle mix, from the shelter a year ago, and I just adore her.

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