Review- Power Tek Flash Headlamp

*Contains affiliate links*


I was given the chance to review Power Tek’s led head lamp. I was super excited to try this out. I don’t really go camping ever, so one may ask why I would need a head lamp? Well, you need it for more reasons that you know!

I like out in the country-ish. It is really dark outside.  I have dogs to take out and this is PERFECT to wear outside when I’m taking them out. The light has so different settings. I just use the “regular” light. It has 3 different intensities and a blinking function. I can see forever with the brightest one! The light can also bend down so it’s not straight out on your head. You could even use with reading in bed. It would be great for someone who works on cars and needs a light. It’s perfect! I’m so glad I have it!

If you are interested in try this, or purchasing it as a gift, you can get it here:Power Tek Flash Premium CREE LED Headlamp – 168 Lumens Ultra Bright Long Distance Spotlight Capability – Light and Comfortable – Multi-Function – Super Long Battery Life (black)

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*I received this product free to review. Regardless, I only recommend products I believe in*


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